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Travel Insurance

When you have spent an enjoyable hour or two with your travel agent (or your computer!) choosing your next exotic holiday and have picked your favourite island and the best hotel, you have reached the stage where you need to arrange the insurance…

It is generally a mistake at this point to take the easy route of ticking the box for the travel agent or tour operator’s standard insurance policy, as a better deal can usually be found by your insurance broker. The first decision to make is: annual policy or single trip policy? If you go away on one holiday per year then single trip is the obvious choice, however if you are fortunate enough to take more than one holiday in a year it is well worth comparing the cost of an annual policy. This will cover an unlimited number of trips, so the more often you go the better value it is, and 3 or more trips in a year will quite likely make an Annual Travel policy the best choice.

The content of travel insurance policies is fairly standard: Cancellation Expenses, Medical Expenses, Baggage, Money, Personal Accident and Personal Legal Liability, together these will ensure that you and your family are protected in the event of any misfortune during your trip.