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Commercial Liability

Legal Liability for negligent acts is a feature of modern life, and especially so for anyone running a business. With the advent of No Win No Fee solicitors, people have been encouraged to exercise their legal rights, and this has fuelled what has become known as the “compensation culture” where anyone who has suffered any injury or loss is encouraged to look for someone to blame.

For insurance purposes, legal liability falls into five main types: Employers Liability for any injury to your employees, Public Liability for injury to anyone else or damage to their property, Product Liability for injury or damage caused by a product that you have supplied, Professional Indemnity covering financial loss as a result of any incorrect advice, and Malpractice liability covering injury caused by defective treatment.

All of this is something of a minefield for most people in business! Fortunately we are able to offer guidance on the type of policy required for your particular circumstances and which insurers are the most suitable, taking all of your business activities into account.